Courthouse Bay BEQ’s P-1251 & P-1254

Contract Amount: $75,874,765

LEED Certification: Gold

Contract Duration: August 2011 – September 2013

Gross SF: 207,160

This project included the design and construction of three (3) high-quality dormitory-style facilities providing a total of 400 double-occupancy rooms. Composed of six (6) separate wings the building recesses and offsets in the exterior walls provided rhythm and shadows to the building elevations. This layout also provided optimum circulation and access for the residents, reduced interior corridor length, and enhances the connection of the interior-exterior spaces. In addition to the main structure a 3-level parking garage was also constructed. The entire top level of the Parking Garage was covered with a roof structure and rack – mounted PV System. The Parking Garage exterior walls complement the architectural character of the Courthouse Bay Area and include a combination of exterior Brick Veneer and precast concrete columns.

A Rainwater Harvesting System for each BEQ was utilized to collected roof rainwater, providing pre-treatment using first flush type downspouts. Underground tank storage with a float type inlet pipe and pumping system was used for water storage with rainwater being filtered before entering storage. Once harvested non-potable water is collected in a storage tank and delivered for toilet flushing by pressurized pumping. For additional energy savings a complete Ground Source Heat Pump System (GSHP) and Geothermal Well System with a deep well field of vertical loops was also provided. The GSHP System combined with the high performance building envelope and high efficient lighting system to provide a 40% energy savings.

The Living/Sleeping area provided an efficient furniture layout, allowing placement of Desks, Bookshelves, Nightstands, and Twin XL size Beds with Storage Headboards and Pedestals. Quality was addressed with numerous high quality residential finishes, each selected to be highly durable and low maintenance including epoxy terrazzo flooring in the corridors and an acrylic plaster wall finish throughout the facility. Also included were dual pane windows with solar tinted, Low E Glazing for improved solar heat gain efficiency.

Primary exterior materials consisted of architectural Brick with a variation of complementary accent banding. Decorative brick quoins at the building corners, decorative brick cornice detailing at exterior eaves, smaller paired windows on the ground floor, and decorative pre-cast window sills and lintels were all used for additional character.

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