Project Analysis

Aside from purchasing an existing piece of real estate, building one from the ground up or making considerable alterations or additions to one are some of the single biggest investments an individual will ever make.  Unfortunately, the building process is too-often characterized by conflict between the client and the contractor.  This conflict is usually the result of extra costs, payments, time delays or poor-quality workmanship.

One potential solution to this conflict is to perform a building costs analysis once the architect has reached the “Design Stage” on the plans. This allows the client to know whether the project is on-track with costs, allowing for the opportunity to make adjustments if necessary. It is all too often that individuals skip this process and go out and obtain quotes from various building contractors once they have their plans. It is not uncommon for them to receive quotes that vary considerably in price. The problem is now compounded by not only having to identify which quotes are fully inclusive, but also determining how to ensure they don’t overpay.

This problem is not uncommon, and most people tend to take the lower quote because they do not know what else to do.  More often than not this results in the builder requesting more money, an unfinished project and potentially a claim made against the builder which may lead to litigation.  By going through a thorough project analysis clients will be confident they choose the right builder at the right contract price.

The primary goal is to identify and eliminate risks and protect the client from those risks, whether they be physical, emotional or financial.  In other words, these services provide protection of your assets.  We focus on the following areas in risk assessment: safety, code compliance, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, pre-construction documentation and cost analysis.  This is accomplished by providing a detailed analysis of the project’s budget estimate, the schedule of values, the construction team, the scope of work, the agreement for construction between the client and the contractor, the plans and specifications, timeline, and materials in order to determine its constructability.

Pre-construction documentation and cost analysis identifies the overall scope of work involved in a construction and/or renovation project. The pre-construction document and cost analysis reviews the completeness of construction documents and confirms that the costs are correct in order to ensure that the project is completed within the anticipated timeframe and with the funds allocation.  Essentially, pre-construction documents and cost analysis evaluates whether or not the project can be built according to the plans and specs, budget, timeline, and materials as presented by the general contractor.

It is easy to see why conducting a thorough project analysis is essential to a successful project.  However, some individuals may think it is not an important step, or one not worth the time, effort and expense.  It is usually the projects undertaken by those individuals that suffer greatest from cost overruns and prolonged construction schedules that had to be extended due to various delays.  Project analysis revolves around sound pre-planning practices that experienced professionals oversee.  The benefits of their involvement is seen in the successful completion of the project that went according to plan and was completed on time and within budget.

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