Bidding Administration

Bidding & Negotiation involves organizing a bidding process, making a contractor selection, and negotiating a construction contract.  While in some cases clients have a contractor in mind there are other situations where clients may have a favored contractor but also wants to consider other contractors and create competitive bidding.  There are other cases where the clients do not know which contractor to use or may be inexperienced in the selection process. Selecting a contractor and negotiating the construction contract is an extremely important part of any project and should be conducted judiciously. As highly experienced professionals we have a selection process that will make it easy for clients to choose the best contractor for you and your specific project.

When properly conducted, a competitive bidding process is the most reliable way to obtain high-quality work at a reasonable price. However, when poorly planned and hastily conducted, this process can quickly lead to confusion which leaves clients unsure about how to proceed.  The best way to get a true comparison on competitive proposals from multiple contractors is to have a qualified engineering or architectural firm prepare a complete set of construction/bidding documents based on well-defined goals and clear budget guidelines that have been previously established.

These documents serve as a set of standards on which the bids can be fairly and accurately compared, and the selected contractor will use them as blueprints for performing the work. In addition, the drawings in the documents will be needed to apply for a construction permit, which is necessary for most remodeling projects in addition to new builds.

Market knowledge and professional experience allows us to offer clients comprehensive bidding services which are critical to the successful completion of all construction projects.  Bidding services ensure that contractors are providing proposals that are clear and consistent in the proposed scope of work.  An analysis of the bids is conducted and summarized so clients fully understand them and can compare proposals at a glance. We work with a wide range of quality contractors and can assist our clients in making an educated and informed decision so the project can be completed successfully.

Contract administration services provides clients with peace of mind knowing that our expertise allows us to anticipate and avoid potential project delays and cost overruns. We can be as involved with the construction oversight as our clients want which helps ensure clients projects comes in on-time and within budget. Contract administration services can include:

  • Pre-construction meetings
  • Construction inspections for compliance to design specifications
  • Handwritten daily reports
  • Punchlist preparation
  • Invoice Verification/Payment Authorization
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