Master Planning

Master planning is an approach that provides a comprehensive look at where a site is today and what it’s going to take to make its ideal future a reality.  The process associated with this type planning is intensely collaborative, involving not only clients but also various design professionals.  The master planning process is essentially seeing the big picture, looking beyond just the here and now to ensure the design of your project caters for your immediate needs as well as your future requirements.  It could be said that master planning is a key difference between a design created by an architect and a design created by a building designer.

Master plans are tangible and often visible statements of where a project or site is now, what it should be in the future and what is required to get there. While processes for developing them vary, master plans are most successful when they represent a vision that brings together the clients concerns and the professional opinions and suggestions. Furthermore, some master plans are less detailed than others, and in some cases, a vision or concept may be adequate, or more desirable.

Good master plans are flexible, and have the clients involved from the outset, giving the plan a legitimate base, and a better chance to come to fruition. While circumstances vary, the decision to develop a master plan is often determined by the need to understand the current conditions of the project, to create a new and common vision for the project’s future, and/or to develop a clear and solid set of recommendations and implementation strategy.

Master plans commonly include information about the history of the project, the context surrounding its development, and changes that have taken place to the present time. The conditions of existing structures, grounds, and landscapes are described and evaluated.  Clients are interviewed, and data is gathered. Analyses of existing conditions and the characteristics of the project generally leads to the development of a vision for the future and includes recommendations, plans, designs and strategies for implementation.

The master planning we provide goes beyond your walls, windows and doors and extends into the landscaping around your project site and the finer details of your interior design. This all-encompassing approach creates a wonderful synergy between interior and exterior spaces resulting in a connection that few other architects can achieve.

Master planning is essential for projects that are being built in stages due to financial constraints. It allows for additional stages to be completed cost-effectively with as little disruption as possible.  People’s circumstance change over time.  A design that suits clients today may be less than ideal as they enter the next stage of their life or career.  Master planning can cater to these different needs, making the project adaptable to the changing requirements of those that live and work within its walls.  Master planning can save significant amounts of money by factoring in now the changes that are most likely going to be required in the future.

Master planning also results in a happier, more comfortable space that suits lifestyle needs both now and in the future. And most importantly of all, master planning allows people to live and work in their spaces for longer, knowing that it will always be able to adapt to your needs.

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