BEQ Package 6

Contract Amount: $90,256,146

LEED Certification: Platinum

Contract Duration: September 2009 – March 2011

Gross SF: 291,272 (total)

This contract consisted of the design and construction of three separate dormitorystyle facilities all to be situated within a master-planned campus setting. One of the greatest chal lenges presented were the extensive logistical requirements of the given site. Located on the aggressive slope of an existing hi l lside tens of thousands of cubic yards of earth had to “cut” from the hi l l and relocated to the other side of the site, contained by a 60 FT retaining wall.

Once earth moving operations were successful ly completed focus was placed on the incorporation of al l necessary infrastructure required for a campus of this size. Once basic uti l ities were in place the construction of the individual bui ldings commenced, staged in a rotational pattern to maximize schedule efficiencies. Whi le unique in their rights the structures themselves shared design simi larities such as smaller building footprints and the appearance of a modern residential community. The buildings were composed of small “clusters” of rooms, designed to be small in scale thereby breaking up the building mass, reducing the overall size, and simultaneously broadcasting a variety of roof heights and forms. Similarly each building had open breezeways to promote natural daylighting and capture prevailing wind for cross ventilation.

Adding to the “home-like” feel desired by the owners numerous site amenities were incorporated through the masterplan including horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, built-in custom BBQ pavilions, oversized picnic/shade Structures, covered outdoor eating area as well as an Outdoor Fitness Facility. All of these items were much desired by the end users to maximize the benefits of such a campus in the remote area it was located in.

In order to accommodate the almost 2,000 new residents this masterplanned area provided over 630 parking spaces. Designed and constructed to receive a LEED Platinum rating all of parking spaces were provided with carport shade structures covered with PV panels. A PV system of this size provided all of the buildings with 100% of their annual energy usages.

The provided landscaping design was contributed to the sites energy-efficient and sustainable goals by utilizing xeriscape principles such as low/no maintenance planting, low water use automatic drip sprinklers, and a creative use of varied crushed rock mulch and trees to accent key features.

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