Armed Forces Reserve Center

Contract Amount: $35,039,050

LEED Certification: Silver

Contract Duration: March 2009 – May 2011

Gross SF: 125,000 (Training Center)

This project consisted of four separate facilities, a Training Center, a Maintenance Shop, a Heated Storage building as well as an Unheated Storage building. The two-story Training Center building consisted of administrative, assembly, storage, locker and shower rooms as well as classroom components. The 125,000 square foot facility was provided with a clearly defined entry which lead to an enlarged lobby area. Rooms throughout the facility were designed to maximize natural light and take advantage of immediate adjacencies.

The floor plan consisted of multiple “wings” which maximized the ability to locate rooms on exterior walls. Support spaces such as the elevator, restrooms, and circulation spaces were located centrally around the lobby and were consistent from floor to floor allowing first time building occupants to easily navigate around the building. The first floor support spaces (mechanical/electrical rooms) were intentionally made accessible from the exterior with adequate clearance to allow for easy maintenance.

The one-story Maintenance Shop consisted of administrative, high-bay vehicle work areas, storage and tool areas, as well as an explosives vault. The Maintenance Shop was 24,980 square feet and was arranged to allow for clearly defined circulation schemes and maximized adjacencies of support spaces to the work bays. A 7.5-ton bridge crane was provided at one of the bays. Administrative spaces were located on exterior walls to allow for maximum natural light. The mechanical/electrical rooms were also located on exterior walls to allow for easy accessibility and maintenance.

The one-story Heated Storage building consisted of administrative, large open heated storage areas, vaults, and armory components. The building was 47,740 square feet and was arranged to allow for maximum efficiency of storage space with the more secure vaults and armory spaces located on the interior of the building. Administrative spaces were located on exterior walls to take advantage of natural light. The loading dock and coiling doors were located central to the building to allow for a shared staging area. Storage spaces are sized to coordinate with the required metal cage layouts while allowing for sufficient circulation space to facilitate movement of equipment in and out of the storage spaces. In addition to the facilities described above a 4,600 SF unheated storage building was also constructed. Consisting of large open unheated storage areas the floor plan was arranged for maximum efficiency of storage space.

All necessary site improvements were provided to support the new building facilities such as electric service, exterior and security lighting, fire protection and alarm systems, security fencing and gates, water, gas, sewer, paving, walks, curbs and gutters, parking, storm drainage and site improvements. The site design was developed to define a safe, workable, pleasing environment for the workers in a campus-type complex.

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