545 North & South Aircraft Maintenance Hangar

Contract Amount: $38,568,348 & $35,024,012 (respectively)

LEED Certification: Silver

Contract Duration: March 2012 – May 2014 (expected)

Gross SF: 62,522 (each)

This project consisted of the design and construction of two new 2-story F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft maintenance hangars. Each facility provided a high bay space, crew and equipment spaces, administrative space and Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) areas. The project sites consisted of approximately 780,000 SF of new aircraft apron adjacent to the hangars as well as connections to and an extension of taxiways. The parking aprons included sun shields as well as all electrical and communication provisions for the in-house squadrons. New parking lots were also provided with all spaces covered with PV-covered carports.

Low Impact Development Strategies, energy and water efficiency measures and local materials with recycled content and high indoor environmental qualities were included to ensure occupant controllability, satisfaction and health. One of the most unique features of this facility were the high pressure aircraft cooling (CAS) units and supporting systems for aircraft cooling system. CAS units were located on the exterior of the facility and were capable of delivering 30-tons of cooled forced air to the aircraft housed in the hangar bays vis an underground network of fully insulated stainless steel ductwork. The successful delivery and commissioning of this type of system was the first of its type in an area where ambient air temperatures exceeded 125°F during the summer months.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft is the latest addition to the armed forces aviation program. These two state-of-the art facilities were a welcomed addition to the MCAS Yuma Base. Any marine wishing to become a pilot in the Corps is required to pass through this facility as part of their basic training program. I was fortunate enough to serve as both the Design Manager for this project as well as the on-site Quality Control Manager during construction. These tasks involved overseeing the Work as it progressed and ensuring it was built in strict accordance with the contract requirements and owners expectations. Being the one single individual involved with this project truly from cradle to grave was an incredibly rewarding and educational experience.

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